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Host Migration

Posted on by Grissini

Hey guys!

Our host EoReality is migrating their servers to a new data center on the 12th of January. They expect the downtime be between 6-12 hours.

Just wanted to give y'all a heads up.

Keep rocking.

RepCon IV - This Summer! [PHILLY - JUNE 12-14]

Posted on by Vino

Hey, everyone!

After many entries into the official survey, RepCon IV - The Con Of A Thousand Titles finally has a date! And a SITE - CLICK ME - (still under construction, but you get the idea)! Here's the TL;DR:

WHERE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WHEN: June 12-14 2015


As for activities, there's the standards... and also this super-helpful post by Rancid!

What is there to do in Philly?

Lots! I will now detail the many things that are here. I will break it up into groups.


The Art Museum! World Famous! This museum is huge, and has a lot of art. I don;t know my art to well so I can't fully explain just how tits this place is to people who are more art inclined. It also has an exhibit of medieval armor and weapons. Like full plate mail and crossbows and great swords, oh my!

The Academy of Natural Sciences This museum is my personal favorite. It was a full T-Rex skeleton, as well as several other dinosaurs. It has several sections showing how different continents ecosystems evolved.

The Franklin Institute A museum set up by Ben Franklin himself. It is a museum of science and has a lot of really cool shit. Many exhibits have interactive elements to them, helping to better understand the science behind them.

The Mütter Museum Want something weirder? The Mütter Museum shows off weird human deformities and rare cases of death. While smaller than the other museums it is as memorable as it is disturbing. There is literally a wall with a hundred human skull on it, Heavy Metal!

The Philadelphia Zoo I know we already went to a zoo at a repcon, but I would like to point out this exists.

Adventure Aquarium It's like a zoo but for water dwelling creatures! This place just keeps getting bigger and better every year. It is technically in New Jersey, but only right on the edge.

Historical Sites

The Liberty Bell This old ass bell meant something to history, not sure what. It's pretty boring.

Constitution Center This is where America Constitution was written. I have honostly never gone here so I can;t say what it's like on the inside, but the website makes it look filled with information on the constitution.

There's also several other random things around town that aren't attractions but you may see a plaque for something that happened on that spot. There was a battle fought here in the Revolution, Also the Declaration of Independence was written and signed here.


Philadelphia is one of the best places in the country for craft beer, several of them offer tours, such as Yards, Victory, and Yuengling! Americas oldest brewery. There are also several "Brew pubs" which are restaurants that brew their own beer in house.

Other Things

There's a bunch of random little things to do around here. Barcade! That's right! A bar with an Arcade. They serve craft beers and if we don;t go on Friday or Saturday it's not too crowded. The largest Mall in America! We are also an hour drive away from Atlantic City, which has the largest casinos outside of Las Vegas. Of you don't want to gamble there are several places to just go to the beach (not recommended past September.) We could go haggle at the Italian Market as well.

IF it is to be held in October Eastern State Penitentiary turns itself into a haunted house. It's supposed to be one of the best in America. The actual prison shut down a long time ago, And it has been kept up because it was one of the most infamous prisons while it was running. Al Capone spent some time there. If this is not in October then we could still get a historical tour of the place.


Don't worry about food. I will make sure we get the most bangingest of food while you are here. NOWHERE else can you get sandwiches/hoagies of the quality we have here. Incuding the famous Philly Cheesesteak

But what about crime?

The crime here has gone down significantly in the last few years. Also, There is no reason to go to the areas in this city where a majority of said crimes happen.


Post about RepCon! Buy your plane tickets now! No, we haven't picked a hotel yet. Working on figuring out where, if any, we can get the best group deal.

god damn i am so excited to see you fuckin nerds again i legit love you all

Video/Action Games In/Near Anno 2014

Posted on by Vino

Welcome everyone to the first annual Video/Action Games In/Near Anno 2014! In this thread we'll be discussing our favorite games we played this year. To keep things focused, try to stick to those released in 2014. It was a great year for gaming! Check out all these hits, some you may have forgotten.

Nominate your favorites for any categories you feel like making up here. Talk about how you agree/disagree with your fellow posters, and make sure to remember to take this extra personally - it's video games, after all. I'll start the ball rolling now!

Best Racing Game - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Mario Kart for the PC! Tons of characters, items, and cool skill-based mechanics like drifting, airflip speed boosts, and near-miss flying bonuses. The tracks are all really unique and beautiful to look at. One of my favorite things about this game is that it's really well-designed. Everything's balanced, but interesting, and none of the items are quite as rubberband-y as in Mario Kart. It's just a gorgeous, fair, fun game for 1-8 people.

Best Local Multiplayer Game - Towerfall: Ascension

Be an archer, and kill all your archer friends! Lightning fast arena game for 2-4 players where you hop around, shoot arrows at each other, collect powerups, snatch arrows right out of the motherfucking air and chuck 'em back, and generally feel pro as hell. It's simple and easy to get into but with a surprising amount of depth. Reminds me a lot of my first years playing Super Smash Bros.

(Honorable Mention: Nidhogg, Battleblock Theater)

Best Action-RPG - Diablo III - Reaper of Souls

Clicky-clicky! This is the game we all wanted when we were getting hyped about Diablo 3 in 2012. Cool classes and customizable abilities, neat loot and lots of it, and also not having to play through the game 5 times to get to the actually difficult part. If you were scared off of trying Diablo III due to the nerd rage of its original release, check it out now - all those issues have been addressed.

Best MOBA - Smite

Zeus and Hercules versus the creepily sexy goddess of cats and a horrible baby-man who can grow 3 stories high: who would win? I hate the MOBA genre, but I liked Smite. The third-person-over-the-shoulder camera makes it feel more action-y and less like an RTS, and lets you actually sneak up behind enemies for some sick gankzz. Everything being a skillshot is also pro, and reminds me of Bloodline Champions (RIP). Also, the matches are shorter than most MOBAs and, in general, people seem less Mad. Now if only any of my friends played it! ;_;

Best Turn-Based Strategy - Valkyria Chronicles

Imagine Fire Emblem, but prettier, with more interesting gameplay, and set in 1942. This category probably the toughest call for me. Both it XCOM - Enemy Unknown are fantastic games with a gentle learning curve, yet deep and difficult. In the end, I had to give it to Valkyria Chronicles because the setting (alternate universe Sci-Fi World War II) and graphics are so cool. I'm not even into anime, really, but when you see the watercolor tanks crush the flaming villages of your enemies, you too will say: uguu~.

(Honorable Mention: XCOM - Enemy Unknown)

Best MetroidVania - Guacamelee!

Play a disgraced Mexican agave farmer who has to become a Luchador and put the smackdown on his undead rival to save a beautiful senorita. Smooth, fun combat, a unique setting, and tons of secrets to discover and little niches to explore. Also features local co-op, which is nice! This is one of the very, very, few games I have 100% completed because I simply did not want it to end.

(Honorable Mention - Dust, an Elysian Tail)

Best Roguelike - The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The definitive edition of Isaac, it took a great game and made it perfect. A solid 60 FPS framerate, new items/monsters/enemies/secrets, and the same rock-solid gameplay that made the original so endlessly addicting, challenging, and fun. You won't go back to the original when you've tried Rebirth.

(Honorable mentions: Rogue Legacy, Dungeon of the Endless, FTL: Advanced Edition)

Most Edutaining - Rocksmith 2014

Also the winner of Most Hours Dumped Into By Vino, RS2014 continues to be my #1 choice when I sit down from a long day of unemployment. Use a real bass (or guitar, if you're some kind of poser who craves constant validation from the opposite sex) and play through any of literally thousands of FREE songs. As many who have tried and failed to pick up a new skill like music can tell you, the only way to get good at something is to practice. A lot. Every day. Rocksmith may lack some musical theory or "proper technique" enforcement, but it makes practicing fun, and that is how you stick with something and become a pro rock god like your pal Vino.

(Honorable mention: Goat Simulator)

Most Lucarios - Pokemon X/Y

This was a good year for Pokemon, but unfortunately, the 3rd gen remakes (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire) do not include Lucario. Pokemon X/Y do, and therefore swept this category easily.

(Honorable Mention: Nidhogg)

Game of the Year - Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

This game is a dark chocolate eclair after the piss-in-your-mouth that was Brawl. It delivers on every promise that it made: a game that is both fun for casual play, and doesn't look at competitive people and slap them in the face and call them a nerd. Nearly endless amounts of singleplayer content. New modes (most "wacky", some genuinely cool). Over fifty different characters, all able to be customized in unique and cool ways. Fantastic soundtrack. Beautiful graphics. No items. Final destination. Fox only.

All Of Garden

Posted on by Vino

Hey everyone! I've embarked on a little project for the next 7 weeks, where I eat literally every one of the 180 pastas in Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Bowl. I (and by I, I mean @Grissini ) even made a spiffy site chronicling my journey, with lots of pictures and funny words about Olive Garden.

I'd like you all, as my personal friends, to check it out and give me feedback - what works, what doesn't, cool features you'd like to see implemented, and so on.

New Hosting!

Hey guys, I moved the site over to a new host.

Just thought you should know.

Let me know if you find anything 404ing or 500ing. I plan on monitoring the logs for the next couple of days.

Obligatory corgi:

Relaxing after a long day of work

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